Best LGBT Bars in L.A. (Part I)

I’m sure that a lot of the people who live in Los Angeles definitely understand that when it comes to the best LGBT bars in Los Angeles there really are quite a lot to choose from and we should definitely understand that when it comes to all of these people who are getting together just in general there are so many gay and lesbian and transexuals here in Los Angeles that are obviously trying to party together and that is exactly what we are going to be getting through this type of work and play situation that we see in some of the LGBT bars in Los Angeles. So of course we are here to talk all about the transexual and gay and lesbian communities in Los Angeles and the truth of the matter is that Los Angeles is a perfect place for people in the LGBT community because it just opens things up to all of the best possibilities that can happen in their lifetime and we all definitely understand that what a lot of the world comes down to there is just people searching for love and just because some people look towards the same sex that they happen to be or want to be there shouldn’t be any problem with that and although certain areas of the United States might not be as accepting of transexuals or gay people in general that is definitely not the case in Los Angeles and we can definitely see that all of the people in this community here in Los Angeles are definitely going to be the type of people that everyone is going to want to party with so let’s continue our conversation about the LGBT bars in Los Angeles.

So the next of the LGBT bars in Los Angeles that we are going to be talking about on this list of the LGBT bars in Los Angeles is a bar called The Faultline and I think that for the most part it is pretty safe to say that this bar goes in super hard and that all of the people that go to this bar definitely consider it to be a bunch of fun and for a bunch of different reasons. What this bar is known for is throwing really awesome parties on a regular basis with a bunch of great drink specials and things of that nature, and although these party themes might be oriented around gay men that still doesn’t mean that straight people wouldn’t like going to this bar, but of course like most gay bars it could be a little uncomfortable for a straight man to be there you can read more about them here The Faultline is definitely one of those bars in which you can really go to at any time of the week and that is definitely something that we are considering a lot when we think about the LGBT bars in Los Angeles and that is also why this bar has made it on this list of the LGBT bars in Los Angeles.


Los Angeles Gay Scene

Now of course when we think about gay culture for the most part everyone starts thinking about San Francisco and all of the gay culture that is up in that city of California because it is kind of the gay capital of the world and that is just something that we should definitely understand because San Francisco was definitely one of the places a long time ago when people were just starting to come out publicly as gay and that is definitely something that we should consider to be important because of course now we can see that millions upon millions of Americans have come out over the past few years and that we are all definitely seeing a bunch of gay people in the world live happily and successfully and this is something that definitely is going to be one of those moments in history in which we have finally accepted this part of human nature and not ostracized these people and it is a beautiful story of acceptance in our culture, and Americans definitely are one of the most accepting cultures towards gay people around the world without a doubt.

Of course we are also here to tell you about the gay scene that is here in the city of Los Angeles because although San Francisco might be known as the gay capital of the world it doesn’t have quite as nice of weather as the city of Los Angeles and of course where there are a lot of sexy men and gay people there is a nice warm beach in which everyone dresses down into their speedos, and I think just in general Los Angeles is one of the most accepting cities in America towards gay people and the city has even gone to great extents to make West Hollywood one of the gay community hubs in which there are a large assortment of gay bars right near each other, and maybe that is just to keep things in confinement, but I think that it is meant to give gay people a little block to have fun in and just organize and meet other gay people and that is definitely why there are so many people going to these bars because it has been known to be a really great place for gay people to meet each other in Los Angeles and that is of course a really good thing that the city has provided for gay people.

The thing is that Los Angeles is definitely a city that if full of strange people just in general and that is kind of why this city has been known to be a really weird place for so long, so when it comes to gay people and transexuals in Los Angeles they are definitely not anywhere close to the weirdest people that are in this city by far and that is possibly one of the main reasons why Los Angeles is so accepting of gay people because we are also very accepting of a bunch of weirdos so gay people are not even strange compared to all of the weird people in Venice on every single weekend just in general, and that is part of the reason why we should definitely consider all of the facts that are going on within this city.

Transexual Culture in America

We all know that here in America we are currently talking about the rights of transexuals everywhere and the rights that they have to use the bathrooms in our country and which bathrooms they should use. This has been highlighted in recent weeks in the national media through the House Bill 2 that was released to  the public of North Carolina that stated that people must go to the bathroom in the bathroom of their original gender orientation, and of course that means that this is a bill that directly targets transexual people because for everyone else this bill wouldn’t really do anything differently that is already happening in our regular lives. But for transexuals specifically living in North Carolina now they are in a little bit of a perdicament when they go to the bathroom dressed up in clothes of the opposite sex in the room that they are in because a man is more than likely wearing feminine clothes when they are transexuals and that is why this bill is so alarming because it definitely seems very racist and just homophobic is so many different ways and that is definitely one of the main reasons why we are seeing so many protests and people trying to do anything that they can in order to just get things rolling and now it is just something that is super epic and also just a big part of our culture because now everyone is talking about this topic of the rights of transexuals in our culture during a presidential election year. I don’t think that this is merely a coincidence and part of me definitely thinks that House Bill 2 is just a gigantic propoganda campaign put on by the North Carolina democrats to piss off as many people in North Carolina so that in November North Carolina will go to the democratic nominee, and this is important because North Carolina in recent years has been one of the most important swing states that can make a significant difference in the election, but of course it is not a end all be all for any presidential election because it is only around 15 electoral college points. But the point that I am trying to make is that all of this racism in politics towards transexual Americans is making a huge difference on our culture and there is no doubt that this subject of our human rights in America is definitely becoming something that we are going to be talking about throughout this entire presidential election mostly because of Donald Trump being one of the candidates, but of course now that we are making sure that we are getting ourselves into a discussion as a country about the rights of transexuals it is important to know that transexuals are just as human as all of us and are just people who didn’t feel comfortable being a male or a female growing up and wanted to make a sex change through a surgery or something like that. This may seem a little bit weird to a lot of people, and it is a little bit weird, but that still doesn’t mean that we should just treat transexuals as less than human because that is bullshit.

Being Transexual in L.A.

I think that everyone understands that Los Angeles, California is one of the strangest and most fun cities in America and it definitely is true that a lot of gay and transexual people live in Los Angeles and are free to do whatever they want to without the constraints and dirty looks that they would get while they are in other parts of America. The truth is that most of the United States in terms of the southern states and rural areas that make up most of the country are not really ready or comfortable with transexuals just yet, and in Los Angeles it could not be more of the opposite because Los Angeles has definitely been really comfortable and one of the major places where the majority of American transexuals live. Of course it has a lot more to do with the nice weather and opportunities that exist here in L.A. but also I think the acceptance that transexuals get in Los Angeles plays a major factor into why there are so many transexuals here in Los Angeles. Of course the gay community in Los Angeles is just rather gigantic and has a whole area of West Hollywood that is pretty much dedicated to gay bars and men and women finding their same sex partners and doing dirty things together just in general, and that is of course going to play major factors in a bunch of different aspects of the life of a transexual person in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is just a very accepting place and it is definitely true that in this city there are a bunch of really strange straight people who are a lot weirder than most transexuals who just simply didn’t feel comfortable with the gender they were born to so when you see a normal looking transexual they don’t stand out anywhere near as much as the weirdos you will see on Venice Beach and do things like that because that is just kind of what this type of thing is all about. Los Angeles is a cool place there is absolutely no doubt about it and we all can understand that when it comes down to it there are just a bunch of people who are here who are just trying to have a lot of fun and we can do all this other cool stuff just in general and that is definitely really cool because we just know that there is something that we should definitely understand. Of course a lot of people just don’t get it when it comes to transexual people and they just are confuse and then that sometimes makes them angry and just really frustrated and scared of these types of people when transexuals typically are not scary at all and are actually really nice people who have finally found themselves through their surgeries and sex changes, so they are actually very liberated people. This is something that might scare a person who has not yet liberated themselves no matter what type of sexual orientation and that is where almost a jealousy builds up and can lead to violence and hate crimes and other things that we see around the country against transexuals, but in Los Angeles everything is beautiful and that is part of the reason why transexuals love it here in Los Angeles.